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Lactation Equipment

Vicki has a full range of lactation equipment available. If the equipment you are seeking is not listed here, please call for details about other equipment.

For Sale or Rental:
  • Double-sided electric breast pumps
For Sale Only:
  • Single and manual breast pumps
  • Nipple shields
  • Supplemental feeding system (SNS)
  • Personalfit breast shields
  • Replacement pump parts
In their own words...

In Their Own Words...

“Being on-call 24-hours a day, Vicki was always available to meet our breastfeeding team's needs, be it support, knowledge/experience, or equipment requirements. She also has a true knack for making anyone feel at ease, which was extremely helpful during our stressful, uphill battle when nursing didn't initially go as we'd hoped. I don't wish our difficult experience on others, but Vicki is nature's backup, and she comes prepared!”
- Wendy, Johnson, VT
In their own words...

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