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Childbirth Education

As a childbirth educator, it is Vicki’s job to prepare you and educate you about the birthing process. There is a lot to know, but most importantly, Vicki caters to what it is you want to know.

She provides:

  • Scheduled group classes that focus on different relaxation techniques, the stages of labor, partner participation and more
  • Private classes that cover the same as group classes but more specifically structured for individual needs and interests
  • Refresher childbirth courses for parents who have already experienced birth but would like a review of birthing techniques and may desire further quidance.

In their own words...

In Their Own Words...

“The scheduled classes conflicted with our schedule. Vicki came to our house and taught us everything we needed to know about the stages of childbirth and relaxation techiques -
it was great!”

- Terri & Pete, Stowe, VT
In their own words...

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